Three Independent Plays 
Telling a Larger Story

        by Mark Brookes

Tragedy, lies and redemption; meet the criminally flawed Crane family


Part 1

Traumatised and highly erratic construction boss, Lee, treats his browbeaten team to an afternoon of beer and strippers. However, his abusive distractions only fuel the urgency of his persistent, truth-seeking hallucination.

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Craic of Dawn©

Part 11

In manic pursuit of her dream lifestyle, aging prostitute, Dawn, cheats gullible punters into believing they are each the father of her newborn. She flirts with danger, and runs the risk that sometimes, lip service doesn’t pay.

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Pied de Grue©

Part 111

Lee and Dawn share, Tony; their crooked, absent father. Unfortunately, they only inherited his aptitude for tainting happiness.

Fate decides that all three attend the same hospital.

Together, with Tony’s latest impressionable Hoodie, Dominic, they battle out whether a blood tie automatically decrees redemption, the upside to systemic crime, and who are Them?

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