Pied de Grue©
By Mark Brookes

Pied de Grue©

Part 111

The Story

It’s Bastille Day, in a London hospital, 2008. 

Estranged siblings, Lee and Dawn, and their criminal father, Tony, are all inpatients, blind to each other’s proximity. Until their mutual friend, Michael, decides to re-unite them. 

The do-gooding fool rushed in where angels fear to tread; for he was unaware of Dominic, Tony’s newest and most reckless protégé. 

Visiting from the Costa del Crime, young Dominic, is a pill popping, emotionally unstable, gangster Hoodie who clings to the paternal security that Tony dangles randomly… and no one will take that away from him. 

Throw in an elderly, love struck French waitress and an ice cold Asian businessman, and we have a skewed drama that spews romantic idealism onto the paved face of systemic oppression.