The Craic of Dawn©
By Mark Brookes

The Craic of Dawn

Part 11

The Story

Dawn is a maturing, self-employed prostitute that needs to get out of 'the game' before her alluring qualities fade.

She dreams of living on the French Riviera, sipping cocktails with the extravagant party crowd; all inspired by the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. To attain such a lavish life-style she will need to be rich, so decideds to swindle a few of her more affluent clients.

She claims they are each the father of, Mia, her baby. Every man can donate to her retirement fund, and in return their paternal responsibilities disappear into the distance, with her.

What can go wrong? 

Unfortunately, blind greed doesn't notice detail; and when you misjudge whom you're fiddling… then the mark becomes hostile.


Although, POETS Day and Craic of Dawn are both stand-alone plays, they are set on the same day, Friday 20th June 2008.

Based five miles apart, they follow an interwoven time-line, in which peripheral characters move between the two stories, lending insight to the larger Crane Trilogy plot.